Miranda started Slashed Beauty as a freshman in college— she was obsessed with makeup but had to prioritize her spending. Miranda ventured to find out how to keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank. She shared her favorite tricks and budget-friendly products on her blog and YouTube, which has grown from her hobby to her career. To this day, she still focuses on affordable ways to master the latest beauty trends, redefining the cost of beauty.


What is your favorite product category at Big Lots?

My favorite aisle to shop is the home decor section! There are so many cute accessories, frames and art that help make my house feel like home on a budget. I love my space to reflect my personality, and Big Lots has it all.

The best kept secret at Big Lots is…

The furniture! I’ve purchased storage shelves and a couch from Big Lots, and they’ve been awesome. They have well known furniture brands that you trust with a good variety of styles. Plus, 20% off Friends & Family sales include furniture, so you can really save on essentials!

What was your inspiration to write your blog?

I had a passion for beauty, but was on a college budget. The blogs and gurus I subscribed to were constantly talking about the newest high-end must have…I knew there were other girls out there who wanted to keep up with the trends using budget friendly beauty. Slashed Beauty was a way I could share my tips and favorite products that worked well without breaking the bank.

Where do you get inspiration for each project?

My DIY projects usually stem from a genuine need for something I can’t find in stores… or something that I know I can make cheaper than what’s already in stores. Then, I add my own flare so that it’s personal to me!

Describe your shopping experience at Big Lots.

I usually go in because I need one or two things that I know I can save on by shopping at Big Lots… then I usually end up exploring all the other aisles and leave with a huge cart of products!

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