Mother’s Day Ultimate Chill Out Gift Basket

As a mom of two, I know a thing or two about gifts to buy. Especially Mother’s Day. For this gift basket, I went through my local Big Lots and sought out all the little luxury items I always look at, but never buy. The guilty pleasure items.

This is a sure bet for any mom. And the fact that your dollars stretch even more at Big Lots certainly helps.

The idea here is to help mom sit back, relax and savor sweet moments of uninterrupted peace. These items will certainly help and the best part is they take no effort or clean up.

Here we go!

Foot gloves. Foot soaks are nice but the thought of setting it up is kinda buzzkill. I found these moisturizing socks. They come loaded with lotion and you simply slip them on for 20 minutes. If you are truly a dear, you can remove them from your mama’s feet for her, and rub the excess cream. I also bought the matching gloves and under eye pads! These are so fun to use, they really relay the feeling of being pampered!

Relaxing oil diffuser. Plug this baby in, add water and a few drops of the oil. It smells sweet and fresh. Much like a spa! I also added in a candle that has this positive affirmation to remind mom to keep the spirit going long after Mother’s Day has passed.

Mug, calming tea – and cookies! An Aztec patterned mug? Yes! Instead of coffee which will make mom jittery, opt for tea. You’ll find a variety of blends for every mood. We want mom to chill, so calming it is. I couldn’t resist the mini-chocolate dream pie. She can eat that later!

This Bluetooth speaker is bright purple and perfect for mom to listen to her favorite audiobook while she relaxes. You simply take it from the box, charge it, then go into the phone settings and connect it via the Bluetooth option.

To give the basket an organic, earthy vibe, I chose a faux succulent. I couldn’t just use it as is, so I added some painted embellishments around the border.

To hold everything, I picked up a lined wicker basket. Stuff the bottom with tissue or even a box to give a lift to your items. Then use tissue paper to fill and add the largest items in the back and the smaller items up front.

mother's day

I scored a cute wood sign that says “Every day I love you.” Perfect for mom to hang in her craft room or bedroom, right? I inserted this in the back of the basket to give it height.

I’m so happy with how this gift basket turned out. A little bit goes such a long way. No matter if your budget is $20 or $100, you can take this idea and adapt it to your budget!

If you really want to hit it out of the park, preload some movies for her on her tablet or laptop, or even create a playlist that she can keep and use all year long!


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