Latina Makeup Look to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Being Latina is something very special and you should enjoy every aspect of it. One of the principle traits of being Latina is that we love bright, lively colors. Aside from looking pretty and sexy at all times, we love trying new looks. Especially when it comes to makeup.

latina makeup look

Today my friends, I will be teaching you how to achieve this latina makeup look in a few simple steps. First, we will begin with makeup and then move on to hair J let’s begin!

Step 1: We will apply a pre-base or a lighter color to matte the color of the eyelid.

maquillaje de ojo

Step 2: We will use a light brown color in the middle part of the eyelid as a transition color. I’ll be using the number 2 brown color on this Maybelline palette. From that same palette we will be using the darker brown color and applying it to the eyelid crease, just in the inner corners, moving in a circular shape.



Step 3: We’ll a golden tone on the main eyelid. This will create a very natural and beautiful look. I will be using the EyeStudio palette from Maybelline.


Step 4: We’ll use a green color from the EyeStudio palette from Maybelline and we will apply it right below the eyes. From that same palette we will apply the lighter green shade on the eyebrow bone. This will give your eyes a brighter look and will make your eyes pop.

Step 5: We will complete this look with a beautiful bronzer from Colormates, we will apply this to our cheeks for a golden bronze look. You can also add this false eyelashes if you would like.


Step 6: Complete your look with a red lip from Colormates.

Moving on the hair, using our wonderful Remington magical wand which has been my favorite this summer.

accesorios de cabello

We will also be using our straight iron on our bangs and to make loose waves.

All of the products mentioned were found in Big Lots, each less than $10. This means, there is no excuse to not be a beautiful and sexy Latina!

latina makeup look

Until Later 😉

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