DIY: Mexi-Style Mosaic Bistro Set

In the mood for a weekend DIY project? This mosaic table is a charmer! I found this adorable bistro set at my local Big Lots for only $99. It’s wonderful as it is, but I decided to have some fun with it and customize it for my house.

The set is absolutely perfect for an artful makeover. The construction is sturdy and solid – the perfect foundation for a set you’ll want to keep and use for years to come.

When it comes to supplies, you can go simple and visit Big Lots and your local craft store, or take it further and buy tiles and break them. I’m into ceramic arts so I did both of the above, plus I cut and fired some of my own clay pieces. I live in Arizona and wanted a cactus theme. I used cookie cutters to make the cactus shapes, but you can also find ceramic mosaic pieces online in all kinds of shapes!

You’ll notice I also painted the chairs to match!

Now I want to back to Big Lots and see what other tables and chairs I can transform!


  • Assorted mosaic tiles or glass pebbles – TIP: Try to get them all the same thickness so your table will be even.
  • Extra strength waterproof adhesive
  • Black or white grout
  • Sponges
  • Bowl of water
  • Plastic gloves, goggles, mask


Before you glue any of the tiles, audition them on the tabletop to make sure you have enough.

Start by outlining the edge of the table with one color of uniform sized tiles. I used small gold square tiles.

Begin gluing each tile, piece by piece. Make sure to keep the pieces close together.

Let dry overnight.

Put on the mask, gloves and goggles and mix the grout with water until it reaches a toothpaste consistency. Spread the grout over the entire table, rubbing it into the grooves with your fingers. Let it set for 30 minutes.

Have a bucket of water nearby, and begin to wipe away the grout with a damp sponge. Keep wiping until the tiles show through.

Use a damp cloth, sponge or paper towel to wipe grout from the tiles so they shine.

OPTIONAL: Apply a brush on sealer over the grout.

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