DIY: Easy 4th of July Pillows

The 4th of July is one of those holidays that demands decorations. The sense of patriotism, the bright colors, it’s no wonder there are so many ideas floating around! How to choose where to start?

Well, if you are looking for something beyond the typical tablescape decor, here is a way to bring some of that strong patriotic style into your home in a cool way: embellished pillows!

Big Lots always has a glorious selection of pillows for every personality. The best part is they are affordable and great for giving your couch or bed a pop of personality. I took this idea a bit further and went into my yarn and fabric stash to find the perfect embellishments to celebrate Independence Day!

I used yarn with metallic thread woven in, but you can use ribbon or even strips of fabric. For the white furry pillow, I cut a design from a swatch of fabric and affixed it to the corner of the pillow.

I put these on display in our TV room and I knew they were a hit when my friend asked me where I bought them, because she wanted a set too. Now we have a craft date in our calendar to go back to Big Lots for more pillows!


  • Red, white or blue accent pillows
  • Patriotic fabric
  • Double-sided fabric adhesive sheets
  • Red, white or blue ribbon, or yarn
  • Scissors, preferably pinking shears
  • Optional: Pom pom fringe


For the yarn pillow, simply wrap the yarn around the pillow both ways and tie off. Add a pompom in the center, or another type of fabric centerpiece.

To make the applique pillow, cut out the design from the fabric. Take one sheet of the adhesive and peel away one of the backings, then place the fabric design face up on the sheet, so the back connects to the sticky side.

Replace the backing you pulled off on top of the front of the fabric design, this will make it easier to cut. Now cut out the shape.

Remove the top protective sheet, then the back and affix the applique on the pillow. Press in place.

TIP: You can always add a different applique for the next holiday, just make sure it is a little bit bigger than the current one!


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